When success breaks you

I am a survivor from the glorification of busy and a mind that was prone to worry and over-achievement. My life is the example of what stress and poor eating can do to anyone, but it is also a testimony of the power of a holistic approach to repair burnout.

For many years I worked in the food industry from there I moved up to become an high profile catering and corporate event manager. I spent countless hours creating themes and menus, planning the logistics and then supervising the execution of the colossal effort it takes to feed and entertain thousands of people.  Creating million dollar programs for some of the biggest corporations in the world was an exciting career, but it was also very stressful and demanding. My type A personality helped me climb the corporate ladder very fast and by age 30, I had a position most people don’t attain until their forties. The downfall was that I rushed into it. I had to work and go to college full time. I was already managing a large staff, forecasting revenues and creating half million dollar budgets while being a sophomore. And here’s how driven I can be: somehow I managed to graduate with honors. I was the embodiment of a “go getter”, a determined young woman going for her American dream…but one day that that dream became a nightmare.

Is this what life is all about?

I asked myself that question after being completely “burned out” from the industry.  I noticed that my hectic lifestyle put self care and eating on the back burner. I put work and others first, while I skipped meals and neglected my health. I was always tired but also wired. Sleeping became difficult and towards the end I was feeling depressed, often crying at night for no apparent reason. I could not keep a healthy relationship because I was always working or thinking about work. Sounds familiar?  I used coffee to keep me awake and wine to help me relax at night. On the weekends, or during my lavish vacations I would play hard. That was my idea of “decompressing”. “I deserve to have fun” was my excuse. But I was empty again by Sunday night.  Finally, the problems moved into my physical body. I became so tired and weak that I ended up going to the doctor. At age 33 I was diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance so acute that the doctor said it’d be hard for me to conceive a baby if I wanted to. I was moving into pre-menopause! My stressed “speed-aged” my body…I was shocked! Why was this happening to me?! I had no answers. Thankfully, my doctor was a good one, and even though she had no answers for my questions, she advised me to “do something because I was too young for hormone replacement therapy”

I went on a quest to find my cure. I chose a natural path.  I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I was trained in many dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. I combined this training with a Kripalu yoga certification to provide additional tools for stress relief and mindful living. Later on, I added breath work and mindfulness to my tools completing the Inner Axis training with Max Strom. Drawing on this knowledge, I realized that ALL my symptoms where the result of overwhelming and chronic stress response. I had a deep adrenal & gut imbalance that affected my every organ.

What I found after a decade of work with burned out women in leadership is that the missing link is using somatic practices to activate their bodies innate ability to self regulate. Just like I did for myself, I will help you create your “ burnout repair roadmap” using your inner technology to ignite repair and resilience. I focus on this technology & mindset shifting. You may be in that same place I was 10 years ago. The good news is that change begins here: when you are “sick and tired of being sick and tired”!

I look back at my experience with gratitude as today I see clients with the same story of exhaustion in my coaching work. I am be able to help clients that are suffering from a tired nervous system reverse the chemical imbalance caused by an on-set stress response addressing fatigue, autoimmune flairs, inflammation, gut issues, anxiety & emotional swings, sleep, weight gain and brain fog. All symptoms of burnout.

Is this for you?

My focus is people that are fed up with covering symptoms with medication or those that are being dismissed by their doctors with a “your tests look normal”.   I also understand that a massage, a yoga class or a spa treatment are not long term solutions to burnout. Surviving the downfall of the ” glorification of busy lifestyle” has made me a loving but no-non sense coach. I believe in simplicity and practical somatic solutions. It is my intention to use this knowledge to help my clients. Your goals for a vibrant life are my inspiration and challenge.

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